South Moluccas 1951 United Nations Stamps with Official Gift Envelope

  • Two complete vintage sets of South Moluccan stamps honoring the UN
    • Perforated set of 9 (Mint never hinged)
    • Imperforate set of 9  (Mint never hinged)
  • Prepared for the revolutionary government and intended for surface mail but never officially issued
  • Rare! June, 1952 complimentary gift envelope for the stamps with an official imprinted RMS seal from the Minister of Posts, Ceram.  (Flattened vertical crease to the right of all inscriptions.)

The (RMS) was a self-proclaimed republic in the Maluku Islands founded on 25 April 1950. The RMS on Ambon was defeated by Indonesian forces in November 1950 result1ng in the flight of the self-declared RMS government to the island of Ceram. Several stamp issues were prepared to announce the RMS and win target audiences for their goals, including UN recognition. The leaders of this movement sent a representative, Mr. K. Nikijoeloew, to the United Nations, New York and opened at 310 East 44th Street, New York City.

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